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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

16/12/2009 - Arrival

So today I arrived in Oman

An early morning start from Manchester to Doha, and from Doha and Muscat.

The first flight was ok, watched some Friends, Simpsons, Harry Potter 6, The Dark Knight...and chatted to the guy next to me (Karl), who was on his way to Thailand.

The food, believe it or not, was actually alright!

Then a quick connection to Muscat...the guy at the visa control spent ages on mine (after standing in a line for like 30 mins!)

Got picked up and brought to where I'm staying for a while...its decent enough with seperate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

I'm going to meet the company staff tomorrow, so hopefully it'll go well...

Its 1am here now so I'm going to sleep now!

Will update again tomorrow....bye!

PS: Mum, Yes I have eaten! and drank enough water! lol


Aisha 16 December 2009 at 14:27  


Mum says it nice to know that you're happy, and have eaten.

Remember, sun screen, don't burn that British skin! Its not suprising they took ages with your visa, have you looked in the mirror recently :P

Read namaaz.

will comment tomorrow on your blogspot.


p.s make sure you drink plenty of fresh fruit juice- and plain BOTTLED water. (mum is still child-minding) :P

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