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Monday, 22 February 2010


It's been a LONG time since my last posts, and I will have lost the small number of visitors I had...D'oh!
The reason has been largely down to me being away working in Muscat, Oman for 2 months as an Interior Designer.
Now, I'm back in the UK, from 22 degree minimum to 2.2 degree maximum.
These two shots are therefore obviously from Oman...taken at a quiet beach as the sun was going down behind me.
The man was walking up and down the beach, and I asked him if I could take his photo, and he obliged.
As always, click to enlarge, all comments welcome :-)


Friday, 8 January 2010


It's been a while since I last updated this blog...down to mainly me being at work, nothing to say, or not having a 'net connection

Everything is going ok here, no problems to report.

I've attached some photos from some sites I've visited...both were amazing properties, but I don't think we will be working on any of these.

BBC World News tells me its been snowing in a big way in the UK...it's the complete opposite here. Everyday is like 24 degrees or around about that with a breeze. It is going to stay like this for the next few months, but then it gts VERY hot here...it can hit 50s in the summer.
I will post something new up in a few days.

Hopefully everything is going well in the UK minus the big freeze.


Saturday, 26 December 2009


Today I went to see a clients house, its an empty house that he's getting from his company and wants the inside doing up.

The house is amazing, it looks right onto the beach, with views to it from nearly all the house. I'm unsure as to whether we'll end up doing the work as the factory is really busy, and by the sounds of it, the stuff he wants we'll have to design and make - but we may not have the factory time to get it done.

Really annoying because we (I) could have designed an amazing outdoor terrace on the second floor for evening drinks and bbq's - looking out on to the beach..it was so Hollywood.

Still no luck with an apartment :(

The weather is good here..its warm with a breeze.

10 days in Oman already, its going well quick.

Well, I better go and do some drawings I need to do.

Hope everything is going well in the UK...will update in a couple of days


Saturday, 19 December 2009

more pics for below post


19 December - first photos


I've attached som photos today

One is of where I am staying..then there are a few of hills and mountains, with some Omani houses. Oman is like Saudi Arabia in that there are lots of rocky hills and mountains, and between them are the cities. Nearly all of the buildings are finished in a white render, and in a modernist/art deco/islamic style, its a real mix. Then there are a couple of shots of a sunset yesterday, I suspect they are all very nice here considering the amount of clear skies.

The weather is really good here, its not too hot and there is a nice breeze...better than the snowy and icy conditions back home.

Lastly, there is a photo of where I go for breakfast, and sometimes for lunch/dinner..and i have a funny story for you.

Yesterday I went for lunch, it was a buffet. So I was like hmm...what to have. The waiter said I should start with a soup, so I went and got some tomato soup, and he added some croutons. I sat down, smelled it and thought, you know what..I'm not going to like this. I had half of it, with difficulty, Tomato soup is not for me...I knew there was a reason as to why I'd never eaten it before. So, main course I had a chicken curry with rice. I had learnt my lesson though, I took only a small amount to taste it first - it was very nice. So I had some more. I complemented the chef, lol.

For dessert, i had jelly and watermelon. Watermelon. How on earth are you suppose to eat watermelon in public? Its full of seeds! I debated it in my head, and thought I should eat away and quietly spit the seeds into my plate. This was working well...until somebody came and sat on another table, and their seat was looking right at me! I couldn't do it in an elegent manner at this point, but I thought I've just got to do it, he must have seen me a few times and felt a certain degree of disgust, as he kept trying not to look at me, LOL!

I start work tomorrow morning, here they work everyday except friday, and half day on thursday. I will meet Saed tomorrow as he has been away for a few days.

That is when I will have more info on my apartment..and my resident card. I cannot get an oman SIM for my phone until I have that...and as I don't know exactly how long I'll be at the hotel, I'll tell you when I know more.

I went to a shopping centre that was kinda huge..abit like the arndale centre but bigger.
Hasham - your pw is the same as your itunes pw.

I will try to update again tomorrow.

Hope everybody is well, and that you are drinking enough water


Thursday, 17 December 2009

17/09/2009 - Day2

Today I went to the office where I'll be working...its not huge, but its big enough. They are getting me a new computer to use..I got shown around the workshops..and they can make all sorts.

I met the boss today, and he seemed cool.

Tomorrow I get my car, its a new Yaris (automatic), but im starting to drive first in an older car incase I mess up, lol. The drivers here aren't that bad, but they drive on the other side, and the roads are completely new to me and I know no routes...I guess I'll learn them with time. My new apartment will probably be ready in 7-10 days.

Later on I'm going to one of the shopping centres to have a look around and buy some things I need.

Sunday is my first day...so that is when I will find out what its like.

Hope everything is good in England...Hasham - you are not going basketball!

I may not update tomorrow, so it'll be Saturday...and I'll put some photos up


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

16/12/2009 - Arrival

So today I arrived in Oman

An early morning start from Manchester to Doha, and from Doha and Muscat.

The first flight was ok, watched some Friends, Simpsons, Harry Potter 6, The Dark Knight...and chatted to the guy next to me (Karl), who was on his way to Thailand.

The food, believe it or not, was actually alright!

Then a quick connection to Muscat...the guy at the visa control spent ages on mine (after standing in a line for like 30 mins!)

Got picked up and brought to where I'm staying for a while...its decent enough with seperate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

I'm going to meet the company staff tomorrow, so hopefully it'll go well...

Its 1am here now so I'm going to sleep now!

Will update again tomorrow....bye!

PS: Mum, Yes I have eaten! and drank enough water! lol


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