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Thursday, 17 December 2009

17/09/2009 - Day2

Today I went to the office where I'll be working...its not huge, but its big enough. They are getting me a new computer to use..I got shown around the workshops..and they can make all sorts.

I met the boss today, and he seemed cool.

Tomorrow I get my car, its a new Yaris (automatic), but im starting to drive first in an older car incase I mess up, lol. The drivers here aren't that bad, but they drive on the other side, and the roads are completely new to me and I know no routes...I guess I'll learn them with time. My new apartment will probably be ready in 7-10 days.

Later on I'm going to one of the shopping centres to have a look around and buy some things I need.

Sunday is my first day...so that is when I will find out what its like.

Hope everything is good in England...Hasham - you are not going basketball!

I may not update tomorrow, so it'll be Saturday...and I'll put some photos up


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